2016-07-29 10:00 am

until the stars go home

Title: until the stars go home
Pairing: chanyeol/baekhyun
Word Counts: 4,047
implied!depression, mentions of alcohol/drunkenness
Summary: chanyeol always comes and goes whenever he likes.
Author's Note: this fic is for Axelle, who has helped me go through almost everything when i needed someone by my side. Happy birthday, Axelle! I hope you'll have a great birthday this year. :))) Eat lotsa cakes and enjoy your birthday to the fullest. I'm not good with stuff like this but you know I love you, right? ^-^ Also, many thanks to Mitz, Cathe and Twinkie for helping me. I'm so sorry for troubling all of you otl. I owe you guys a lot ;;

I’m sorry I’m like this. Please stay with me until I’m okay. )
2016-07-23 11:51 pm


Title: lost
Pairing: chanyeol/baekhyun
Side Pairing(s): kai/baekhyun
Word Counts: 1,041
Warning(s): broken!chanbaek
Summary: chanyeol doesn't remember.
Author's Note: this is for [livejournal.com profile] mminnex. thank you so much for everything. and i'm sorry. i don't know what i am doing ;_; it's beta'd now! thank you axelle bb ;;

B-Baekhyun…it’s me. )